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Registered GIM Therapists (RGIMTs) have completed at least two years’ post-graduate training in addition to their initial therapy qualification. RGIMTs are accredited by the Music and Imagery Association of Australia (MIAA) and are bound by MIAA’s Code of Ethical Practice. Therapists are required to undertake regular supervision and complete professional development requirements to stay informed of evidence-based practice.

RGIMTs practice throughout Australia, and internationally.

Ann Maree Billings


RN, CMHN, Integrative Psychotherapist, RGIMT

Dip. App. Sci. (Nurs), Cert. Palliative Care Nurs., Adv. Dip. Integrative Couns., Cert. Psych. Nurs., Clinical Supervision for Role Development training, Level 3 Adv. Guided Imagery & Music

Lyndhurst VIC

Contact Ann Maree at:

Practice phone: 0408 595 871


Ann Maree is an experienced psychotherapist and credentialled mental health nurse in private practice. Ann Maree often utilises creative modalities in therapeutic work, including a range of music-based methods within Guided Imagery and Music, which are adapted according to individual needs. These include the Bonny Method, for its depth orientation and capacity to facilitate a greater connection between the conscious and unconscious. This can reveal and integrate hidden resources and creativity, leading to more fulfillment. Ann Maree is passionate about supporting those seeking personal/professional development, such as healthcare professionals, offering individual appointments, including clinical supervision, both in-person and online.

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Annette Chauncy

Master of Art Therapy, Graduate Diploma Guided Imagery & Music Therapy, Certificate in Integrated Couples Therapy

Bendigo, VIC

Phone: 0476 776 709


Annette has utilized the arts as a form of therapy since 2000. She is experienced in Mental Health, Separated Families, Couples therapy and working with At Risk Teenagers. Annette has worked with a
diverse range of people within the community and within various hospital settings, but currently works full time in Private Practice.

Annette works from a Client Centred and Strengths based perspective which is Trauma Informed. She supports clients to rediscover their own uniqueness, express emotions which are difficult to verbalize, integrate life experiences into the present and develop arts/music based coping skills for everyday life. Additionally, Annette can offer Supervision and is registered with Australia, New Zealand and Asia Creative Arts Therapy Association (ANZACATA).

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Anja Tanhane


Master of Music (Music Therapy), Grad. Cert. Family Therapy, Registered Music Therapist, RGIMT

Clinical member, AABCAP, Tai Chi instructor, WTQA

Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne

Contact Anja here, or call 0439 389 554


Anja is an experienced music therapist who uses a strength-based approach in supporting clients to draw on their inner resources for growth and healing. She is a trained and experienced Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) facilitator and offers regular mindfulness courses, workplace training, workshops and nature mindfulness retreats. As a registered music therapist, she has worked in a wide range of areas including acquired brain injury, Aboriginal health, aged care, young families, and carer support, as well as in private practice. Anja combines the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness and music-centred psychotherapy (GIM) to support clients exploring issues such as trauma, life transitions, anxiety, depression, and chronic ill health, as well as exploring spiritual growth and inner resilience. 
Services offered: Individual and group therapy, GIM, mindfulness, professional training workshops, mindfulness retreats, Tai Chi and Chi Kung training.

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Brenda Wallace

M Music (Music Therapy) BN, Grad. Dip. Mental Health Nursing, Grad. Dip. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy
Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0402 719 753

Brenda focuses on a wholistic, person-centred practice that promotes the development of insight into inner strengths. She specialises in grief and loss in the context of bereavement, personal growth and development, and workplace stress.

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Carolyn Van Dort

MA Creative Arts Therapies, Grad. Dip. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), Grad. Dip. Music Therapy, B. Mus.

Registered Music Therapist and member of the PACFA

Registered Psychotherapists and Counsellors

Glen Waverley, VIC

Contact Carolyn at:


Carolyn works with clients who have difficulty in the understanding and healing of childhood traumas. She also works with those who experience difficulties with issues around loss including bereavement, suicide, divorce, retrenchment, early retirement and loneliness. Carolyn is available for online sessions; she is registered with the NDIS and is a clinical member on the PACFA Register. 

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Cherie Baxter

Grad. Dip. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), B. Music, Spec. Cert. in Palliative Care RMT, RGIMT

Cranbourne, VIC

Phone: 0425 813 309

Cherie is an experienced music therapist using a person-centred, strengths based and trauma informed approach to client’s growth and healing. Client safety, care and respect are foundations of her practice. Cherie relishes engagement in the Guided Imagery and Music process due to its profound integrative effect, with particular regard for the power of music listening for enabling deep support, emotional access and creativity. As required, Cherie uses the modalities within GIM as therapeutic means with groups and individuals. Special areas of interest include inner exploration and discovery, anxiety, trauma recovery, grief, loss, and bereavement, existential issues and life fulfillment. 

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Chinghan Kwok

Registered Guided Imagery and Music Therapist

Master of Social Work ( USA )

Master of Pastoral Counselling ( USA)

(852) 64385277  

Ms Ching Kwok is an experienced social worker and counsellor in Hong Kong. She is available for both individual and group GIM therapy. 

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Dr Denise Grocke



Black Rock, VIC

Practice: 03 9589 4284

Mobile: 0402 579 819

Denise offers training in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), including introductory courses and advanced training, through Avalon GIM Training (Australia). She also offers supervision for GIM trainees and Registered GIM therapists, as well as professionals of other disciplines who would benefit from GIM as a form of reflection on practice. Denise is also the editor / co-editor of two GIM texts:

  • Grocke, D & Moe, T (2015). Guided Imagery and Music and Music Imagery Methods for Individual and Group Therapy.  Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, UK
  • Grocke, D (2019). Guided Imagery and Music: The Bonny Method and Beyond, 2nd edition. Barcelona Publishers, Dallas, TX
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Gail Godfrey


Grad. Dip. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), RGIMT, Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery (FAMI) Brisbane and Gold Coast, QLD, Teacher in Music, Australia (T. Mus. A, Piano), Bachelor of Human Services (B. Hu Serv, Child and Family), Bachelor of Theology (B. Th), Master in Education (M. Ed)

Contact Gail at:

Practice phone/mobile: 0431 026 343

Gail is an experienced and qualified music psychotherapist and teacher who offers friendly professional service to children, adolescents and adults in individual and group sessions. Gail trained as a GIM therapist at the University of Melbourne, has a Master of Education, and Bachelor degrees in Human Services and Theology. Areas of work include grief, loss, life transitions and spiritual direction.

Gail believes all things are connected and her multi-disciplinary approach through music psychotherapy, education and spiritual direction, combine to broaden, deepen and more fully nurture the human spirit.

Gail Godfrey T.Mus.A, Kodaly Cert, B.HuServ, B.Th, M.Ed, RGIMT, FAMI
0431 026 343

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Louise Terry-Clark

Grad. Dip. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), University of Melbourne, Grad. Dip. Music Therapy, University of Technology, Sydney, B.A. Communication, University of Technology, Sydney

Professional memberships: 
MIAA (Music and Imagery Association of Australia)
AMTA (Australian Music Therapy Association)

Sydney, NSW
Contact Louise at:

Louise works in private practice in Sydney. She has been working as a clinician for 18 years and as a registered GIM Therapist for six years. Louise’s work is informed by evidence-based research, and she uses an empathetic and strengths-based approach to support clients to uncover and resolve core issues. She is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of music and she offers individual and group sessions as well as workplace / corporate workshops. Louise works in partnership with clients on a range of issues, including personal growth and self-development, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, terminal illness / illness recovery and spirituality. She also offers supervision.

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Mei Yee Ho


Master of Music Therapy, RMT, RGIMT, FAMI
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Contact Mei at:
Phone: (852) 9097 6564

Mei is a Registered Guided Imagery and Music Therapist (RGMIT) working in private practice in Hong Kong. She is available for individual and group music therapy.​

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Melissa Murphy

PhD, Registered Guided Imagery and Music Therapist, RMT

Geelong region and telehealth

Phone: 0448313462

Melissa is music therapy practitioner, supervisor, educator and researcher. She has worked in mental health, aged and palliative care, and in the disability sector. Melissa currently works with both
adolescents and adults in the education system, community settings as well as private practice drawing on her skills as a clinical music therapist, GIM practitioner and community music therapist.

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Meran McKenzie


Master of Counselling, Bachelor of Music Therapy, Grad. Dip. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), RGIMT
Brisbane, QLD
Contact Meran at:

Practice phone: 0421 704 338

Meran works in private practice as a Registered Guided Imagery and Music Therapist (RGIMT), and is also a relationship counsellor and family mediator with Relationships Australia. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Music Therapy from the University of Melbourne (1986), a Master of Counselling from the University of Queensland (2008), and a Post Graduate Diploma in Guided Imagery and Music from the University of Melbourne (2011). As a counsellor, she has performed outreach work in the community to assist women struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, and has also worked as a music therapist in the mental health and aged care sectors.

As a GIM therapist, Meran is particularly interested in assisting people to find their inner resources by using music to access their unconscious and dream material in a relaxed state. 

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Meredith Hartley

Master of Music Therapy, Grad. Dip. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), Bachelor of Music

Melbourne, VIC



Meredith (she/her) is a musician, vocalist, music therapist, psychotherapist, and facilitator.  She uses a holistic approach to address the needs of her clients, and her special interests include LGBTQI+ issues, relationships, psychedelic integration, spirituality, and transpersonal work. She has also worked within the early childhood, community, mental health, gender equity, and disability sectors, and currently works in Indigenous Health at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. 

Meredith holds a Master of Music Therapy and Graduate Diploma in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) from the University of Melbourne, and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Adelaide.

Meredith works with people of all ages and is available for individual sessions via zoom.

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Minky van der Walt

BMUS (Therapy), Registered Music Therapist and Registered Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Therapist
PACFA Reg. Clinical 26483 and PACFA Mental Health Practitioner

Phone: 0466 149 430

Minky has 20 years of clinical experience in providing mental health support to children, families and adults. Her approach is collaborative, relational, and process focused, meaning that she sees therapy as a team effort that is informed by individual and shared experiences as they emerge in the moment.

Minky’s influences include interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, music therapy, trauma informed approaches, Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), somatic processing and Gestalt theory. She currently works as a counsellor and therapist with children and families experiencing family violence and relational trauma, and the health professionals and teachers that support them. Minky also has expertise in providing therapy and training in the areas of mental health and post-traumatic stress.

Minky currently offers individual and group online therapy for healthcare workers, emergency services workers, and educators through her business, Tempo Therapy and Consulting.

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Patricia Hamilton

B.A. (Psychology), Grad. Dip. in Applied Psychology, Grad. Dip. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), RGIMT
Newcastle, NSW
Contact Patricia at:
Phone: 02 4967 7514
Mobile: 0416 278 810

Patricia is a registered psychologist and RGIMT specialising in grief and bereavement, anxiety, depression, and the long lasting effects of trauma. She has a particular interest in understanding dreams and how they can assist us to navigate our way in life. Her workshops cover the connection between archetypes as they appear in films, and how these illustrate the stages of the Hero’s Journey, according to Joseph Campbell. Patricia’s part time practice is located in Newcastle, and she offers Medicare bulk billing for clients with a referral from a general practitioner.

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Peter Ballard



Pottsville, Northern Rivers, NSW
Contact Peter at:
Practice Phone: 0438 898 415

Peter specialises in private counselling and therapy practice using GIM. Using the healing power of music, Peter draws on his extensive experience in mental health contexts to assist individuals who are working on emotional issues that impede them from living their lives.

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Rachael Martin

Master of Music (Music Therapy), Grad. Dip. Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), Grad. Dip. Music Therapy (Hons), Bachelor of Music (Hons)

Kew East, VIC Contact

Rachael at:

Practice phone: 0425 767 241


Rachael is a Registered GIM Therapist. In her private practice, she specialises in working with health professionals and carers for their own self-care. Rachael works with people experiencing a range of life challenges including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, and transitional periods, and welcomes those identifying with the LGBTQI+ community. She enjoys accompanying people on a personal and spiritual growth journey and supports those seeking greater health through understanding the mind-body connection. She is passionate about the power of music to enhance relaxation and accessing creative insights through working with imagery.

Rachael has been a Registered Music Therapist for 18 years and has worked in residential and community settings in aged/palliative care. She also has a special interest in assisting performing artists to cope with the demands of performing. Her services include personal therapy sessions (in-person or online), and small group workshops (therapy or education).

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Satyamo Judy Roberts


Bachelor of Music (BMus), Master of Arts Music Therapy (MAMusTh), Graduate Diploma Counselling (GradDipCouns), Graduate Diploma Guided Imagery and Music (GradDipGIM), RGIMT, Registered Yoga Therapist AAYT, Yoga Sound and Song

Contact Satyamo at:

Satyamo is a professionally trained, mature and experienced practitioner who offers individual face-to-face and online sessions in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), Yoga of the Voice, and Yoga Therapy. Through her business, Yoga Sound and Song, Satyamo offers group workshops and retreats that use aspects of classical yoga and meditation combined with sound meditation, music therapy, and GIM. Natural venues are an important part of these events, offering connection to the wild earth. 

Satyamo’s practice is centred on beautiful therapeutic approaches to self-care and personal healing that are mindfully assessed and supported.

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Vannie Ip-Winfield

RGIMT, RMT, M. Mus (Music Therapy), Grad. Dip. Mental Health Science (Community)

Eltham, VIC


Mobile: 0425 733 311

Vannie Ip-Winfield is an experienced registered music therapist, working primarily in mental health, aged care and community health. She has an academic background in both music therapy and mental health science (University of Melbourne). Her research and publications have focused on cross cultural music therapy practice and day programs for community-dwelling Chinese elderly. Guided Imagery and Music combines her love of classical music and a strong interest in psychotherapy. 

Vannie’s services include individual therapy, group therapy and supervision, including online sessions. 

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